Konsus (YC W16) is an On-Demand Platform for Highly-Skilled Freelance Workers

Research indicates that 40% of office time is spent on relatively simple tasks such as polishing presentations, data entry and translations. That's a lot of time spent by full-time staff that could be going toward doing things that are more concretely impacting the core business. But since it can be just as time-consuming to find and hire a qualified freelancer, many companies just continue to do things like this themselves.

Konsus is a company launching out of our Winter 2016 class whose aim is to do these tasks for companies, freeing up time and saving money. Konsus has built an on-demand freelancer agency that aims to be the Uber for highly-skilled workers.

Biz Carson recently wrote a story about Konsus in Business Insider:

"To save businesses time, Konsus pre-screens and vets the freelancers to work on its platform, making it easy to find help immediately and not go through the back-and-forth hiring phase. For freelancers, it's a big boost to have a constant stream of tasks without having to invest time into responding and competing for job postings. 

The company narrows down its freelance help to 10 core competencies, ranging from website and logo design to data entry. After spending hours scanning freelancer forums all over the web, these tasks accounted for 60% of contract volume, Thomassen said.

When a business chats Konsus a request, a project manager quotes the company a price and puts it into a pool of available tasks. The project manager will be someone from your country, but the task could be sent to freelancers around the world based on their skill set and availability."

Read the full story about Konsus and the problem it is solving on Business Insider here.

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