Compgun (YC W16) Makes Sales Commissions Clear, Simple, and Effective

In the enterprise software space, commissions pretty much make the world go 'round: In the United States alone, B2B companies spend some $800 billion on sales incentives annually. That's roughly three times what they spend on marketing. 

Compgun is a company in our Winter 2016 class that empowers companies to maximize ROI on their commission plans, making it clear and simple to gauge how much commission each salesperson has earned, and reward the highest performing staffers.

VentureBeat's Ken Yeung wrote about Compgun in a recently published story:

"'We’re trying to create the first sales commission software that everyone can love,' CTO Tim Sze told VentureBeat. Compgun functions as a self-serve platform with companies being onboarded in less than a day.

Founded by Sze and CEO Jake Seip, this Y Combinator-backed startup allows its customers to build, test, and administer their commission structures for salespeople. It also provides real-time analytics that lets you monitor individual performance and team rankings. Customized dashboards and graphs are also available in the subscription platform. Compgun will host your sales data and metrics, which it uses to build intermediate calculations and goals for your team to keep track of.

The founders are longtime friends, and when they started a previous business together, they discovered that sales commission is a giant pain point for businesses."

Read the full story and see screenshots of Compgun in action here.
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