Welcome Aaron, Gustaf, Lyle, Immad and Marcus

We're excited to welcome three new visiting partners and three new part-time partners to YC. 

YC Winter 2017 Visiting Partners
The visiting partner program is a new experiment we are launching to embed active startup founders and executives into each YC batch. Alongside their ongoing responsibilities at their current companies, visiting partners serve for a 6 month term working directly with YC partners and joining group office hours, holding individual office hours, attending Tuesday night dinners, and participating in other batch events.

The new visiting partners for this batch are:

Aaron Epstein is the co-founder of Creative Market (YC W10), which was acquired by Autodesk in 2014. Before that, Aaron co-founded COLOURlovers, and graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Business.

Gustaf Alströmer is a Product Lead for Growth at Airbnb. Previously, he led growth at Voxer and was the co-founder and CEO of Heysan (YC W07), which was acquired by Good Technology in 2009.

Lyle Fong is the CEO and co-founder of Hobo Labs, a mobile video game studio. He previously was CEO and founder of Lithium Technologies, an enterprise social-media software company. Lyle studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

New Part-Time Partners for Winter 2017
The part-time partners program started in 2011 and is made up of startup founders and executives who have specific areas of expertise in a variety of topics that are useful to our founders.  During their 6 month terms they are invited to YC events and host individual office hours with companies throughout the batch.

The new part-time partners for this batch are:

Immad Akhund is the CEO and founder of Heyzap (YC W09), which was acquired by RNTS Media. He was previously the founder and CTO of Clickpass (YC S07), and received his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

Kevin Hale, was the founder and CEO of Wufoo (YC W06), which was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011. He spent three years as a YC partner and is now going part-time so he can start his next company. Kevin graduated from Stetson University with a BA in Digital Arts and English.  

Marcus Segal was most recently the SVP of Global Operations of Zynga. Before that, he was CFO of Vindicia later acquired by Amdocs and COO of eMusic acquired by Universal Music Group. He received his MBA from Pepperdine University and his B.A. in English from UC - Santa Barbara.

YC Office Hours in Prague - Sept 22

YC is hosting office hours in Prague on September 22. 

YC's Dominika Blackappl will meet founders for 25-minute sessions. She is an industrial and user experience designer who cofounded and led 5 startups. Prior to that, she ran her own design firm and spent time at IDEO.

She's interested in speaking to any types of companies, and can be particularly helpful if you need design advice. 

Please sign up by end of day on September 18. If you're selected, we'll reach out with your time slot and the location by end of day on September 20.

YC EdTech Office Hours - Sept 29

YC's Tim Brady and Geoff Ralston are hosting office hours with edtech companies on September 29. 

Office hour slots are 25 minutes each and will be especially helpful for founders who are considering applying for the next batch of YC. 

Sign up here. 

Please sign up by end of day on September 21. If you're selected, we'll reach out with your time slot on September 23. Office hours will take place at YC's office in Mountain View or on Skype.

YC EdTech Office Hours
Thurs, Sept 29, 2016 from 2pm-5pm PT
Sign up here >

A List of Y Combinator Companies

We published a list of launched YC companies we've funded since 2005. 

See it here.

The list was opt-in, so not every company we've ever funded is listed. 

Quick stats (which you can find here):
- As of today, YC has funded 1,382 companies (including Fellowship companies)
- Total market cap of YC alum: $70B 
- Total money raised by YC companies: $10B 
- Number of YC companies worth more than $1B: 10
- Number of YC companies worth more than $100 million: 52

YC Office Hours at Hack the North - Sept 17

We're hosting office hours at Hack the North at the University of Waterloo on Saturday, September 17, 2016. 

Sign up here to meet with the YC team. 

YC Office Hours at Hack the North
Sat, Sept 17, 2016 from 1pm-4pm ET
Office hour slots are 20 minutes each. If you're selected, we'll reach out with your time slot and the location by end of day on Thursday, September 15.
Sign up here >

Last Day to Apply for Startup School 2016!

It's the last day to apply for Startup School 2016. Apply here

Startup School will be hosted at the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA on September 17. 

Speakers include:
Marc Andreessen · Founder, a16z 
Kalam Dennis and Reham Fagiri · Founders, AptDeco 
Ooshma Garg · Founder, Gobble 
Reid Hoffman · Founder, Linkedin and Partner, Greylock
Gabe Leydon · Founder, Machine Zone 
Ben Silbermann · Founder, Pinterest  

You’ll also get a peek at some of what we do at YC. Kevin Hale and Qasar Younis will host on-stage office hours with three companies from the audience, and Sam Altman and Paul Buchheit will hear startup pitches and workshop them on-stage.

We hope to see you there! 

Startup School 2016 applications are open

Applications for Startup School 2016 are open now, and we're excited to see you there: http://www.startupschool.org/.

Saturday, September 17, 2016
Flint Center, Cupertino, CA

Startup School is a free to attend, one-day conference where you'll hear stories and practical advice from founders and investors.

This year, we're joined by:
Marc Andreessen, a16z
Kalam Dennis and Reham Fagiri, AptDeco
Ooshma Garg, Gobble
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn and Greylock Partners
Gabe Leydon, Machine Zone
Ben Silbermann, Pinterest

Learn how they got started, what went wrong, what surprised them, and what happened as their companies grew.

You'll also get a peek at some of what we do at YC. Kevin Hale and Qasar Younis will host on-stage office hours with three companies from the audience, and Sam Altman and Paul Buchheit will hear pitches and workshop them on-stage.

APPLY HERE by August 15

Sign up for Summer YC Open Office Hours

Starting today you can sign up for June, July and August YC Open Office Hours. 

What are Open Office Hours? Learn more here

June 23: Gen­eral Open Of­fice Hours
All founders are wel­come to apply.

July 14: Black, Latino and Na­tive Amer­i­can Founders
Apply here by June 21 

Au­gust 11: Fe­male Founders
Apply here by July 15

What to Ex­pect
Each com­pany who par­tic­i­pates will get 25-minute of­fice hours with a YC part­ner. You can do them in per­son at our of­fice in Moun­tain View, CA or re­motely on Skype.

Star­tups should use these of­fice hours to fig­ure out con­crete steps they can take to build their MVP (min­i­mum vi­able prod­uct), re­cruit a co-found­ing team, raise seed cap­i­tal, launch, mar­ket their prod­uct, and ac­quire their first cus­tomers. Ad­di­tion­ally, Ama­zon is gen­er­ously of­fer­ing $5k in AWS credit for all par­tic­i­pat­ing teams.

Questions? Send them to openofficehours@ycombinator.com.

Want to help us spread the word? Email kat@ycombinator.com and michael@ycombinator.com.

Meet Sam Altman in Krakow, Paris and London

YC's Sam Altman will be in Krakow, Paris and London from June 3-7.

Join him at any of the events below for a conversation about startups, technology, hard tech, YC and more.

June 3, 6PM 
Krakow Startup Community Talk at Estimote HQ
Krakusa 11 Street, Stare Podgórze, Kraków
Learn More 

June 6, 12PM
Sam Altman at TheFamily
25 rue du Petit Musc, Paris

June 7, 3PM
Fireside Chat with Sam Altman + Mosaic Ventures
Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle St., London
Learn More

Pluot (W16) Makes Affordable Video Conferencing Hardware That Just Works

With companies increasingly doing business across multiple cities and countries from day one, video conferencing is key. But video conferencing hardware is notoriously bulky, expensive, and designed for companies with full-time IT teams that can handle set up and management. Startups and smaller businesses are left behind, crowding around a single laptop during team meetings, investor pitches, and sales demos.

Pluot is a company that launched out of our Winter 2016 class that makes small, easy-to-set-up video conferencing hardware that just works, and that any company can afford. The company's mission is to democratize video conferencing -- to put useful, beautiful, simple video conferencing into every workplace in the world.

Setting up a Pluot takes just five minutes, and starting or joining a Pluot meeting takes ten seconds. Pluot hardware is free. Customers just pay $50/month per Pluot box, with no limit on users, minutes, or meetings.

In addition, Pluot's features leapfrog those of much more expensive options. Pluot can drive two TVs, so teams have more screen real estate to work with during meetings, and Pluot supports two simultaneous screen shares. Every Pluot connection is peer-to-peer, secure, and encrypted end-to-end. If you have a conference room, you need a Pluot

You can buy a Pluot for your conference room today at https://pluot.co/. There's no commitment, no hidden fees, and -- as a launch special -- shipping is currently free. You can also try out the web browser version of the Pluot experience any time. Visit https://pluot.co/new using Chrome. Your browser will be redirected to a new, unique, Pluot meeting URL. Copy that URL and send it to someone else. When they click on the link, they'll be able to join you in the meeting. (There's no software to download, and no sign-in to worry about or remember.)

Pluot's founders, Doug and Kwin, have known each other for 20 years, worked together for 15, and been obsessed with video conferencing and collaboration for a decade. Doug and Kwin bootstrapped Pluot by designing high-quality hardware that can be manufactured in small quantities. The company assembles Pluots in a garage in San Francisco.