Amiato (YC W12) raises $2M from A16z, Data Collective, Ignition to bring the power of SQL to deep analysis of A/B tests

Sometimes it takes a bit more time to get something right — especially when it’s technically challenging.

That’s why Amiato, a Palo Alto, California-based startup, labeled itself as one of the “off the record” Demo Day companies when it graduated last spring from the Winter 2012 class of Y Combinator. But today Amiato, which was previously known as Nou Data, is coming out of the shadows with a product that seems like it could be well worth the wait.

Amiato has built a tool that lets companies, websites, and apps perform comprehensive A/B test analysis on their products at big data scale. What’s especially compelling is that from end to end, Amiato can be used by relatively non-technical product managers, requiring no assistance from engineers or IT administrators to make the most of the tool — all that’s necessary is a knowledge of SQL, which many PMs have, or the ability to work a translation tool that speaks SQL.

The company, which currently has 7 full-time staffers and has up until now been testing with a handful of lighthouse users, has attracted $2 million in funding from some big name investors including Y Combinator, Data Collective, Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, Data Collective, and others. Today Amiato is coming out of stealth mode to open up to more private beta customers to test the product for free.

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BuildZoom (YC W13) connects homeowners with over 2.5M licensed contractors for remodeling projects

Y Combinator-backed BuildZoom, a new service to help homeowners find licensed contractors to help them with their remodeling projects, is today making its public debut. The startup’s database now contains every licensed contractor across the U.S. – over 2.5 million of them. Users can search this database, drilling down into categorized contractor profiles which are enriched using government data from state licensing boards, Better Business Bureau ratings, and more, as well as customer reviews.


During its beta trials, BuildZoom grew to 20,000 unique visitors per day, reaching nearly 500,000 per month, and nearly 1,000 contractors are claiming their profile on the site each week. Homeowners across the U.S. can now visit BuildZoom to search for contractors in their own zip code, read reviews and ask questions.

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Automatic (YC S11) connects to your car's data port, lets you see everything about your car and driving patterns

People spend a ton of money on their cars every year, from car payments to insurance to gas to maintenance. But for such expensive assets, most people normally don’t know a whole lot about what’s happening under the hood, or how they can drive or maintain their cars better over time. The folks at Automatic want to change all that, with a smart combination of hardware and mobile apps to keep people better informed of how their cars are doing.

Automatic has two main components to it: There’s a small hardware dongle that connects to a car’s onboard computer, which provides data about the state of the car and trips it makes, as well as a mobile app that collects and analyzes all that data. Together, they can provide a whole lot more insight into users’ vehicles than they have currently.

The Automatic Link, which connects to a car’s diagnostics port, is a $70 piece of hardware with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for transferring data from your car’s computer to your mobile phone. The app then looks at the data to act as a “smart driving assistant.” Based on what it knows about each trip, it can provide users with tips to help get better fuel efficiency, drive more safely, and extend the life of their cars.

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Clerky (YC S11) launches the fastest, easiest way to incorporate a startup

When we cover a startup’s launch, we often focus on the market opportunity, funding and investors and how the company’s product is solving a particular problem. We rarely mention the initial set of challenges every entrepreneur must face when they actually turn an idea into a startup — incorporation, stock issuance documents and more. Most of the time, startups have to incur legal costs to do this. However, Clerky, a Y Combinator-backed startup launching today, is hoping to offer entrepreneurs a quality, cost-effective, automated way to handle incorporation documents and more.


Here’s how it works. Founders enter email address and other info such as company name, board of directors and more into Clerky. Clerky then emails all the founders and involved parties, and in a few clicks everyone can digitally sign and date everything. Clerky handles all paperwork with the Secretary of State of Delaware. The whole process happens online and entrepreneurs turn their startups into a legal, valid Delaware C Corp.


Y Combinator has been using Clerky in stealth for three full batches with over 100 startups incorporated using the service. The forms used were developed in cooperation with YC, Orrick, Imagine K12 and an incubator named Boost.

Kirsty Nathoo, Y Combinator’s CFO (read our profile of her here) says of Clerky, “I spend lots of time working with companies to fix problems with their formation, like incomplete documentation, non-standard terms, inconsistency, etc., which usually occur when founders try to handle it themselves. When Y Combinator funds an unincorporated startup, I send the founders to Clerky and know everything will be done correctly.”

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Incorporate your startup at Clerky

Matterport (YC W12) launches a 3D interactive scanner for real world environments, announces $5.6M funding round

Matterport, a company set to soon launch a 3D camera and interactive viewing platform that will allow users to create digital ‘scans’ of real-world environments and share them online, has announced a $5.6m funding round.

Matterport’s camera will allow you to scan whole rooms and let others explore them via a Web browser or iPad. Some of the uses for this could be to explore a home you’re looking to buy or rent for a vacation, or to check out a restaurant you’re thinking of visiting. That said, such photo-realistic scans could have all sorts of other uses – game development being an obvious possibility.

You can try out the quality of the scans created here

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Pathjoy (YC S10) raises $1.7M from Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, Resolute.VC, Max Levchin, PB, others

Pathjoy, a Y Combinator-incubated startup that makes it easy and affordable to have your home cleaned, is announcing that it has raised $1.7 million in seed funding. It’s taking on a new name that sounds like a better fit for its mission — goodbye Pathjoy, hello Homejoy.

The funding came from Andreessen HorowitzFirst Round Capital, Mike Hirshland/Resolute.VC, Max Levchin, Paul Buchheit, Saba Software CEO Bobby Yazdani, and Pejman Nozad. CEO and co-founder Adora Cheung told me that the investors seemed to be particularly excited about connecting unemployed and underemployed people with work, and about a service that’s spreading thanks to word of mouth.

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ScreenHero (YC W13) launches Windows version of collaborative screen sharing app

Erin Bury at Betakit writes:

When it comes to enterprise collaboration tools, products like Dropbox, Basecamp, and Google Apps have changed the way companies work together online. Startup Screenhero is looking to change just one aspect of the enterprise collaboration space with its product: screensharing. The Mountain View, CA-based company, which is currently participating in startup accelerator Y Combinator’s latest class, launched a beta version of its Mac app in December 2012, and today is releasing its Windows version in public beta.

Since its public beta launch on February 11th, the company has seen over 5,000 registered users sign up, who shared 26,000 minutes of screen time last week alone.

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