JobSpice: The Solution to Your Resumé Nightmare

Every idea has its time, and with the unemployment rate rising, JobSpice is right on schedule. Think of it as Google Docs for your resumé: it's an online service that makes creating and distributing resumes easy, without the hassle of cutting, pasting and tabbing yourself to death in Microsoft Word. Simply plug in your work and education info, and it will let you choose from a litany of pre-made templates; better yet, it won't lose your formatting if you submit the document online, and it makes tracking different versions of your resumé easy.



Snaptalent (W08) shuts down gracefully


Dear Investors, Users, and Snaptalent Fans,

From founding the company in 2007, we've had a crash course about the nuances of the online recruitment space. We'd like to announce that we've made a decision to move on from Snaptalent and return the majority of capital raised back to investors now than continue.


PG on Fox Today


Funding Tech Start-ups

Funding Tech Start-ups

Published: Fri, 14 Aug 2009

Description: Y Combinator Founder Paul Graham on why he believes so strongly in investing in technology.

Paul was interviewed on Fox Business News today-- dressed extra formally in a black polo shirt.